BRL NDT SERVICES is an Emerging Small Business Enterprise founded in August of 2015. BRL NDT SERVICES, an NDT company, began providing service to a diverse clientele with one goal in mind. The goal was to strive to become San Antonio’s number one provider when it came to Non-Destructive Testing. We have continued to strive towards meeting that goal by placing an emphasis on the safety of our team members and the workforce around them, providing excellent customer service and ensuring that every team member is well trained to handle any inspection.

Mission Statement  

Provide quality and cost effective advanced Non-Destructive Testing to a diverse clientele. Our key stakeholders strive to build our culture based on a strong sense of integrity within the company. Our team members facilitate innovative processes, which will help further their careers and allow us to continue to improve the quality of our services and safety standards.

Company Objective  

We pride ourselves on the development and implementation of a Quality Management System. Our company’s best practices are formulated to better satisfy the requirements and expectations of the institutional quality plan of our clients.

SCTRCA Certifications

The South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA) of Bexar County, Texas duly affirms that BRL NDT Consultants, Inc. dba BRL NDT SERVICES has successfully met the established requirements of SCTRCA’s Business Enterprise Certification Program to be certified as:

ESBE – Emerging Small Business Enterprise

SBE – Small Business Enterprise

Certified NAICS Codes for NDT Company




NDT Certifications

Our team members are certified in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A and NAS 410. All formal classroom training is conducted by BRL Consultants, Inc. to ensure that the training provided meets/exceeds industry standards.

Non Destructive Testing Level I

Of the three levels, those at Level I have the fewest responsibilities. Level I Practitioners are only qualified to perform specific calibration, examinations, and evaluations with specific written instructions and under the direct supervision of a Level II.

Non Destructive Testing Level II

At Level II, practitioners gain more duties and responsibilities, and are qualified to set up and calibrate equipment and to interpret and evaluate the results of inspections. Level II technicians are also required to be able to prepare written instructions, provide on the job training, and report inspection results.

Non Destructive Testing Level III

Level III practitioners must be capable of establishing techniques, interpreting codes, and designing test methods and techniques to be used. Those at Level III are also able to train and examine Level I and II technicians for certification.

ICC Inspector

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